Location : Batu Mentas

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Batu Mentas 

Belitung is a beautiful and untouched island which can be reached easily from Jakarta with a 50 minutes flight (several times daily).

The conservation center of Batu Mentas is located in the forest, next to the river on the bottom of the mountain Gunung Tajam. A first sanctuary of tarsius has been set up and two others will follow later for mouse deers and deers respectively.

The “Indosafaritent” Eco Lodge is situated on the edge of the river bank next to a bunch of bamboo trees. A natural fence of trees and bushes on each side of the Eco Lodge provide privacy.  In front of the Eco Lodge, the river is forming a nice natural swimming pool below the canopy.


From the airport of Tanjung  Pandan (Belitung), it is a short drive of about 30 minutes via an asphalted road towards the center of the Belitung island. The last 500 meters is a dirt road ; depending of the type of vehicle used and the track conditions, the visitors might need to walk for the last leg.




  • Watching tarsius at the sanctuary
  • Tubing on the river
  • Bird watching
  • Forest walking
  • Bathing in the river
  • Mountain bike riding
  • Visiting pine apple and pepper plantations nearby